Long ago on a beach far away, a boy sat looking out across the waves.

Past the diving seagulls, and past the rocking boats.

On the horizon a single island perched, named Redonda.

Legend told the island kept anyone who tried to reach it away.

When someone tried to swim the waters became too angry,

When someone tried to sail, they would get caught in the rocks.

The island was waiting for it's rightful king to one day claim it.

Every day the boy would sit and yell over the sea to the island,


Across the waves, past the diving seagulls and rocking boats,

the trees swayed and flowers bloomed at the sound of his voice. 

The boy was indeed their king.

It wasn't because he was the best, or the strongest, or fastest.

It was because he loved it the most, and would care for it with all his heart.

And so, one day when he was older, he made a boat of his own.

As the sun was setting the boy reached the island, 

it seemed to welcome him with calm waters and soft, sandy beaches.

He climbed to the peak, set his foot atop the biggest rock and cried,


And so he was...